Karikatur Horsemen - Colour Page

Horsemen - Colour Page

Page from "Four Horsemen" in colour
My good friend, the redoubtable and talented Mr. Simon Mackie was the originator of this story. I expanded it somewhat from that beginning, and he then threw his hat back into the ring by colouring it. This is a sample of the coloured version.

Personally, I think it looks great.

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des - 25.09.10 12:06
I dunno Si, I really do like the effect you achieved. Admittedly, I'm not particularly au fait with computer colouring, but I find the comics on the newstands have a very homogenous quality - they're all beautifully coloured, but it's like Hollywood beauty - it's plastic, a bit inhuman, and too perfect. There is a raw immediacy about the rush work we did on Horsemen that appeals to me.

Maybe I'm too much of an amateur at heart, but that's me.
simonmackie - 25.09.10 10:59
Hmmnn... I do think about this strip from time to time. You did some great pencils on this but I fear Maescot might be right, my colour overlay does blur your superb artwork. It was interesting experiment and our first collaboration after knowing each other for 26 years or so. For these reasons this historical piece deserves a little bit of reworking.
des - 24.09.10 09:25
@ Crowbar : Yeah, the full story - again, not very well scanned, - in black and white is near the start of my album "Newer Work". It's still very much a work in progress. Simon originally conceived of the story as a two-page shocker for a magazine that was due out and asked me if I'd like to have a go at illustrating it. I can't leave well enough alone, and blew it up to around fourteen pages.

For a variety of reasons, I produced about four different versions of different lengths and then the magazine fell through.

@ maescot : I know it's pixilated, but this coloured version was produced in a rush at a time when both Simon and myself had different family pressures. Personally, I still really like the look of it even though Simon wasn't happy with it at the time. Because of pressure of time, we both rushed the work, so maybe it shows to a more critical eye. I do accept the point.

Also, to save time, I did use "cut and paste" in MS Paint to assemble the page from my original pencil and pen drawings - it was done at low-res, but I did like the raw feel the pixillation lent to the page. I guess these things are a matter of taste.

Not too sure about the "Jaaaack" thing... it's not an unusual name, I suppose.

One of these days, we'll get the story into some kind of final format. If I have my way, it could be graphic novel length. There are so many things could be done with it.
maescot - 24.09.10 08:44
I'm sorry. It just does not look good. It is pixelatet, the colors have a strange kind of blur, the page is not well divided and hard to read. Also the face of the mummy seems to be copied - not very nice either. "Jaaaack" we know from anywhere else
crowbar - 24.09.10 05:59
That looks really good! Hard to pull off a collaboration like that, but you guys seem to be doing it. Do you have the original b&w version posted somewhere?

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